Covid-19 Updates

We are ready to welcome you back into the store!

Starting Saturday June 20th, we will be accepting bookings for Tuesday June 23 and forward!


Book an appointment, we will be allowing 5 time slots booked on the hour and half hour.

Time slots will be a maximum of 2 people, which brings up the question - "What do I do if we are a family of more than 2"? At this time, much like all other shopping trips, please limit it to essential people only. If it is critical that more than 2 people are in your group, we can try to find a time that will accommodate your request.

To book an appointment, call 519-725-0443 or 519-954-0443, Facebook or email - [email protected], we will work out a time for you.

Upon arrival - please note: we have 3 designated spots for curbside pick-up only, please avoid parking in these spots - Make your way to our front door, provide your name to the staff member at our door, we will confirm your appointment and the store is yours to explore.


We request hand sanitizer upon entry (provided by J&J's). Although masks are not mandatory, you are encouraged to wear a mask to increase safety for you and our J&J's staff. You will then be able to browse at your leisure (some things may be off limits).

To keep areas from getting congested, when booking your appointment, we will ask your main purpose of shopping. It does not mean you can’t venture elsewhere in the store; we want to avoid having all 5 time slots booked for one area, i.e. board games, Magic, etc... this allows us to actively spread out congestion as best we can.

You will have 30 minutes; we kindly ask that you finish within 25 minutes, this leaves 5 minutes to checkout and time for us to prepare for the next cycle of scheduled customers, all the while maintaining a steady flow. If all groups leave at once, we ask you to respect the 6 feet distancing practises we have all come to appreciate.

At this time, our public washroom will be closed. Please plan accordingly.


Q - Can we just show up and get in the store?

A - The short answer is yes, you can *try*. However, it is something that we are not encouraging, priority will be for those who have booked an appointment. The reason for this is to avoid line ups which ultimately challenges social distancing, congests the parking lot, wastes your time and just isn't the experience we want for you. If you arrive without a scheduled time, and we have an opening, we will certainly allow you in. However, on the hour and half hour, we will be cycling through to our next customers.

Curbside pick up will still be available and encouraged.

Can’t wait to see your faces again!

Ordering & Curbside Pickup procedure:

1) Order online:
2) Email to [email protected]
3) Facebook:
4) We will contact you once the order is confirmed: Payment options are: Pay for your order via: call in Visa/Mastercard 519-725-0443, E-transfer to [email protected] or pay by Paypal: also [email protected]
5) Upon arrival: call 519-954-0443 or 519-725-0443, tell us your name, make and model of vehicle and we will bring your items, stay in your vehicle with your trunk open, show ID for your order, we will place the order in your trunk. This avoids all contact and follows the guidelines for safe social distancing.
5a) If you are on foot when you get here call us, step away from the door, we will place the item on the ledge or ground for your retrieval.
6) We recommend once you get home to properly sanitize all products to be extra cautious.
7) If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have recently travelled and should be in self isolation, we ask that you send someone on your behalf to pick up your order.
8) Let’s all follow these instructions to ensure safe & social distancing.

Stay safe & healthy!
Your J&J Team

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