Animal Trivia Challenge
Animal Trivia Challenge

Animal Trivia Challenge

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RULES FOR PLAY: Players build their animal knowledge through three types of stimulating challenge cards. Know It cards have multiple choice and true or false questions, Name It cards require players to identify the animal in the picture shown, and Rank It cards challenge players to put a list of animals in order based on criteria like size, speed and strength. Each correct answer earns a survival token, and players keep in secret how many points they have accumulated until the end of the game!

BENEFICIAL SKILLS: Like all MindWare products, this game teaches a multitude of beneficial skills. Our Animal Trivia Challenge Game strengthens social interaction, logic, zoology, math, deductive reasoning, critical reasoning, problem solving, and more.

DIFFERENT CHALLENGES: Each card is double sided with an advanced question on one side and a beginner on the other. Players choose a level to play throughout, which helps keep an even playing field when different ages are playing against each other.

INDIVIDUAL OF GROUP PLAY: Our Animal Trivia Challenge Game is fantastic for individuals and groups alike. Either play by yourself and expand your knowledge or compete with friends and family!

INCLUDES: Package includes 216 cards, die, 50 survival tokens, token bag, and 4 animal pawns.

Players: 2-4
Ages: 7+
Time: 30+ Min.

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