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Build a Colorful Collection
With Aquarium, build the miniature seascape you’ve always wanted. Two to six players compete to gather the finest collection of fish that they can afford. The collector with the best set of finned friends wins! Use the cards in your hand to manage the pool of available fish and manipulate their selling prices—and make sure that you have enough food for your prize pets when it’s time to eat!

Fish Aplenty
Each player introduces a new fish to the shop on their turn. If you decide to buy, you'd better be ready to bargain! Once a buyer shows interest in the available fish, the other players can add or swap out the tank’s inhabitants. Make sure that you match fish sizes and colors to maximize the points you’ll get at the end of the game.

Pay the Pet Shop
Next, it’s time to determine the cost of your catch! Players place cards that raise or lower prices on the fish in the tank. Some cards even allow your opponents to get a cut of the profits! Once the pet shop prices are settled, the buyer can decide to finalize their puchase, or they can pass and try to score a better deal next time. Pick your purchases wisely to get a great deal and keep your competition on their toes.

Feed Your Fish
Once you have your new finned friends, it's time to feed all those hungry mouths! Four Feeding Rounds test your ability to maintain your menagerie. The bigger the fish, the more it costs to keep them fed. If you can’t pay the upkeep cost, some of your fish get flushed to that big toilet in the sky! Aquarium also features three game modes: Intro, Normal, and Advanced. Get your feet wet with the Intro before jumping into the deep end on Advanced mode. See who can collect the best bowl of fancy fish in Aquarium!

Designer: Tim De Rycke, Sander Vernyns
Contents: Rulebook, 1 Pet Shop Board, 164 Cards, 80 Beads, 6 Player Screens

Players: 2-6
Ages: 8+
Time: 45 Min.

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