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The ol’ railroad needs to lay track through this town yesterday, but with the jailhouse empty since the death of the last sheriff, all manner of outlaws have made this little dust bucket their playground. The fix? Scare off the outlaws! The railroad’s put out bounties on the worst of the worst — and they’re offerin’ more dinero than anyone this side of St. Louis. That’s drawn everyone from veteran lawmen to folks who’ve never once picked up a pistol. Folks out West don’t call this town by its proper name no more — they call it… Bountytown.

In Bountytown, two to six players take on the roles of unique characters in the Wild West, dueling Bounties and each other in a race to build up the most Renown in Bountytown. Players move around the town, activating unique locations to gain advantages and to shore up weaknesses. The first player to collect 10 Renown runs the outlaws out of town and wins the day!

one 20-pg full colour rulebook
150 cards
15 character standees(minor assembly required)
31 bounties
1 train card
one bright red VPG game box
one "wipes-a-lot" napkin
one charcoal desiccant packet 

Ages: 13+
Players: 3-6
Time: 30 Min.

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