Cacao Chocolatl
Cacao Chocolatl

Cacao Chocolatl

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Changes are coming to the land of the “Fruit of the Gods.” As chief, you have new options to bring wealth and glory to your tribe with new tiles, tokens, and other components. Cacao: Chocolatl contains four modules that introduce a range of mechanics and components to the Cacao base game. With the chocolate kitchen tile, you can earn more gold by turning raw cacao you've harvested into delicious chocolate, then use the chocolate market tile to sell this valuable commodity. There are only three of each of these tiles, though, so take advantage of them while you can and earn your tribe a fortune!

Huts, Irrigation, and Maps
The other modules in Cacao: Chocolatl add new dimension and depth to the game. Influence how the jungle expands with the Map module, which places two extra Jungle tiles next to the Jungle display. Spend one of your map tokens and you can play one of these tiles at a critical moment. If one of these tiles is an irrigation tile from the Irrigation module, you can sacrifice some of your water supply so that your workers can quickly harvest a healthy bundle of cacao fruits. Finally, expand your village by building huts that grant special abilities or bonuses at the end of the game. Each of the twelve huts has its own advantages—and cost in gold—so choose wisely. Whether added to the base game individually or in any combination you choose, these modules provide many new gameplay options.

Designer: Phil Walker-Harding
Contents: Rulebook, 1 Map Board, 8 Map Tokens, 12 Hut Tokens, 9 Jungle Tiles, 20 Wooden Chocolate Bars

Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Time: 60 Min.

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