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Cash Crop
Cacao is a tile-placement game in which you're the chief of a tribe which you must guide to prosperity through the cultivation and trade of the "Fruit of the Gods." Beginning with a single plantation and market, two to four players fill in the jungle using individual worker tile decks. Place your workers next to the jungle features and they will go about their business. Workers next to plantations produce cacao plants, while those adjacent to markets sell those plants for gold. More plantations and markets appear as the jungle expands, opening even more options for enriching your tribe. Make the most efficient use of your workers, earn the most gold, and win the game!

Secrets in the Jungle
Cacao isn’t the only valuable thing in the jungle. There are many secrets you can discover while your cacao trade expands. Sending your workers to mines earns some quick gold, while having them visit worship sites earns sun tokens. Other tiles offer benefits if you commit workers to them over the long term. Water is also important; how you assign water carriers each turn can influence how much gold you gain—or lose—at the end of the game. Similarly, temples reward players who send the most workers to them with gold. Make the wisest choices when placing your worker and jungle tiles and lead your village to prosperity!

Designer: Phil Walker-Harding
Contents: Rulebook, 44 Worker Tiles, 4 Water Carriers, 4 Village Boards, 28 Jungle tiles, 20 Cacao Fruits, 12 Sun Tokens, 48 Gold Coins

Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Time: 30-45 Min.

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