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CADAVER is a horror themed set collection card game where players are Necromancers competing to raise corpses. The game features 
a resource/card trading round similar to games like CATAN. Each player takes a number of cards from a single deck, gathering corpses 
to reanimate, using resources and accomplices. Coffin locks, keys and terrifying ghouls add to the dreadful play! The player with the most
corpses raised by dawn wins the game!

Ages 14+|2-6 Players
Game Play: 30-40 minutes

  • 110 Cadaver Cards: 27 Corpses (3 of each Corpse), plus 1 Abomination Corpse,
  • 6 Accomplices (2 of each), 1 Igor Accomplice, 
  • 11 Single Brain Resources, 11 Single Scroll Resources, 11 Single Potion Resources, 
  • 4 Double Brain Resources, 4 Double Scroll Resources, 4 Double Potion Resources,
  • 10 Ghouls, 10 Coffin Lids, 7 Keys, 3 Amulets
  • Draw Pile/Open-Grave card holder (Card Box)
  • Illustrated Rules

Designed by: Kedric Winks
Art: Augustinas Raginskis

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