Crabs Adjust Humidity Volume Seven
Crabs Adjust Humidity Volume Seven

Crabs Adjust Humidity Volume Seven

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At Vampire Squid Cards, we needed to take some time off to really figure some stuff out. It was like, one day we were working away at our desks and it just hit us all at once: what have we even been doing here, man? Like, does it really mean anything, you know? 

Within days we were backpacking into the mountains of Costa Rica, where we met a man named Raúl. The weeks we spent with Raúl changed us in ways we can’t even begin to describe. When we emerged from the jungle, we brought with us two things: a newly reborn sexual identity and Crabs Adjust Humidity: Volume Seven. 

Raúl spoke no English, but by the glow of firelight he taught us things that opened our chakras and brought forth another deck of 112 cards so ethically lacking, they’ve truly earned the name Crabs Adjust Humidity.


80 white cards, 32 black cards
Professionally printed on linen-finish, casino-quality cards.
100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity™.
Custom serialized hologram on every box, so you know you're not getting a counterfeit.
Part of a complete breakfast.
For recreational use only.

Players: 4+
Ages: 17+
Time: 30+ Min.

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