Cthulhu In The House
Cthulhu In The House

Cthulhu In The House

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Back a monster, hide your identity, escape with your sanity!

Cthulhu in the House is a royal rumble to see which creature has the staying power to outlast their opponents. Players will hide their identity and compete over three rounds of battle to determine who is the toughest!

The house is constructed differently for each game. At the start of a round, the twelve 
characters are randomly distributed in different rooms and players are secretly dealt two identities. Throughout the game players will either move a character in the house or start a fight between two characters in the same room. When only one character is left in the house, points are awarded and a winner is determined!

New game based on Rumble in the Dungeon, featuring silly, eye-catching artwork by fan-favorite illustrator John Kovalic.
Fun, hidden-identity action with only one player coming out on top.
Short, simple rounds make it a great game for any skill level.

Players: 3-5 
Ages: 14+
Time: 20 Min.

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