Dark Ascension Booster Pack
Dark Ascension Booster Pack

Dark Ascension Booster Pack

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Innistrad has been overrun by creatures of the night. While the forces of good struggle to hold back the threat, villagers cower behind walls and pray for the morning light.

Key Features

- This is the follow-up expansion set to last fall’s best-selling Innistrad™set.

- Dark Ascension contains two never-before-seen game mechanics that will have your players clamoring for more.

- This 158-card set comes in boosters, intro packs, event decks, and fat packs.

- We are creating point of purchase materials for all WPN stores.

- There will be a strong connection to all of our marquee in-store play programs (including a new league and a special Prerelease experience!)

- Just as with Innistrad, Dark Ascension features a strong element of gothic horror, which is sure to delight and enthrall your player base!

Set Name: Dark Ascension
Block: Set 2 of 3 in the Innistrad block

Release Date: February 3, 2012

15 Cards per Pack
36 Boosters per Display

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