Freedom Solo Mode Expansion
Freedom Solo Mode Expansion

Freedom Solo Mode Expansion

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10 Second Pitch: This expansion allows to the single player to play with the besieging Imperial Forces against the besieged Freedom Fighters played by a "bot".
Why this will sell: Historical setting, high replayability, beautiful components, war, logistics and politics.
Core Mechanics: Area majority and influence, compaign and battle card driven, dice rolling, hand management, point to point movement, variable player powers.
Type/Category: Asymmetrical card-driven wargame for 1 player, resource management.

Fredom! is a two player game, the besieged Freedom Fighters against the besieging Imperial Forces, but now, with this Solo Mode Expansion, you can play it as a single player game.

This solo mode expansion allows you to play a single player game, as the Empire, while the insurgent player is played by A.I., reacting to what the human player will be doing.

The A.I., through a flowchart spelling out various cases that will explain what to do in each case, during the play, will act at the best for the Freedom Fighters, trying to resist to the enemy siege. During the play the insurgent "bot" will draw a normal hand, kept face down. But don't worry, the A.I. system is simple and easy to use!

This expansion contains a rule sheet and 10 game cards (poker size). This is not a stand-alone product, and you need a copy of Freedom! to use this expansion.


10 game cards

Players: 1
Ages: 14+
Time: 90 Min.

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