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There’s a goose on the loose! Actually, there’s a LOT of geese and they’re completely out of control - you’ll have to round them up!  In this fast & fun family game, 2-5 players will gather food cards, collect chunky cardboard geese, and seek out precious golden eggs. Goose on the Loose is a simple game that helps introduces younger players to strategic games. It has low reliance on luck, and is designed to be fun for adults to play too!  On their turn, a player can either collect food or feed a goose. Each of the 8 different goose breeds has a specific diet, and so the correct food cards must be used to claim them. Feeding a goose rewards the player with an egg (worth 1 point each), and a bonus egg for each goose of the same breed already in that players' collection. The geese at the bottom of the pile conceal golden eggs, which are worth 1-3 points. The player with the most points wins."       

-Fun for kids AND adults!              
-Low reliance on luck.                
-Teaches kids forward planning.  
-A primer for more complex games.           
-Lots of big chunky cardboard geese!  

Players: 2-5
Ages: 5+
Time: 20 Min.

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