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Take a safari across five exciting mini-games and watch as the animals learn to coexist together.

The Circle of Life
The jungle is a great place to live and play, but it can be a scary place whether you are the tiniest mouse, the strongest lion, or the biggest elephant. In Junggle’s five mini-games, all the animals are connected by the animal wheel, which shows that each of the seven animals on the wheel is scared by the animal immediately before it: rhinos are scared of elephants, lions are scared of rhinos, and crocodiles are scared of lions. But elephants, the largest and mightiest of the animals, are scared of mice. Each animal has a role to play, and each mini-game explores the relationships between the animals in unique and exciting ways. Take a walk on the wild side and see what wonders await you in the jungle!

Welcome to the Jungle
Using the animal wheel as a foundation, the mini-games in Junggle use a variety of mechanics and systems. During a game, you might frantically flip cards in search of the animal that isn’t scared of any others, or you might push your luck to collect as many animals as you can. Each mini-game presents a unique challenge and accommodates groups of various sizes, making it equally suitable for couples or as entertainment at a party. What’s more, with quick play times and a compact package, you can play several games of Junggle in a row or get in a quick game at lunch. Every animal, no matter how big or how small, is an important part of the jungle. Come see them interact in their natural habitat with Junggle!

Designer: Bruno Faidutti & Anja Wrede
Contents: 45 Animal Cards, 9 Reference Cards, Rules

Players: 2-10
Ages: 7+
Time: 10-15 Min.

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