Lords of Scotland
Lords of Scotland

Lords of Scotland

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Muster followers and garner support to take the throne in this exciting card game of warring Scottish clans.

Stake Your Claim
The throne of Scotland lies empty. In Lords of Scotland, you lead one of the clans fighting to lay claim to it—but the clans of Scotland will only follow the strongest leader. Lords of Scotland unfolds over several rounds, with each round representing a skirmish between the clans. The game rewards those who display their prowess in battle by playing cards that represent their supporters. Muster your forces by playing a card to strengthen your army, or recruit more followers by drawing cards from the deck. Prove your worth on the battlefield and you will gain the loyalty of even more clans. Gather enough support and you will be named king!

Rally the Clans
In Lords of Scotland, a player wins each round by having the army with the highest total strength at the end of that round. In addition to the strength they contribute to your army, each clan has a game-altering power that you can employ when playing cards from that clan. Use members of the Makgill clan to muster another follower and bolster the ranks of your army, or play cards depicting members of the Scott clan to copy the power of another follower. Strategic use of each power could be the key to gaining an advantage of your opponents. But beware—armies composed entirely of the same clan at the end of the round are worth double their printed strength. Win a round and get your choice of available supporters. Better yet, this brings you one step closer to becoming king. The time is ripe to lay your claim!

Designer: Richard James
Contents: Rulebook, 98 Cards, 9 Clan Tokens, 1 Victor's Initiative Token

Players: 2-5
Ages: 13+
Time: 30 Min.

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