Massive Darkness Reptisaurians
Massive Darkness Reptisaurians

Massive Darkness Reptisaurians

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As the terror of the Darkness spread across the land, it inspired terror in some, and delight in other. The Reptisaurians crawled out of their coastal swamps and proceeded to induce fear and chaos everywhere they went.
The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: The Reptisaurians contains 22 miniature figures in six different cold-blooded sculpts. Two different bosses lead the Reptisaurians, but the Heroes are really going to have to look out for the Repitsaurus Rex, a massive scaled giant of muscle, claws, and fury. This Enemy Box can be added to any Massive Darkness adventure.

*This is an expansion. The Massive Darkness core box is required to play.

Lizard Warriors - The elite Reptisaurian Warriors use infected blades to attack their enemies and make sure they go down for good.
Death from a Distance - The Reptisaurian Blowgunners use primitive blowguns and poisonous darts to keep their enemies at bay. Getting close can be hazardous to one’s health.
Enhanced Adventures - The Enemy Box: Reptisaurians can be added to any Massive Darkness adventure, adding a new level of scaly terror.

6 Reptisauriain Warrior Minions
1 Reptisaurian Warrior Boss
12 Reptisaurian Blowgunner Minions
1 Reptisaurian Blowgunner Boss
1 Reptisaurian Agent
1 Reptisaurian Rex Roaming Monster
13 Cards

Players: 1-6
Ages: 14+
Time: 90 Min.

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