Munchkin 7 Cheat With Both Hands
Munchkin 7 Cheat With Both Hands

Munchkin 7 Cheat With Both Hands

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Players really like to combine all their Munchkin sets . . . the stupider things get, the better. Here’s the ultimate party kit for Munchkin fans! If your players want Now to play a combo Star Munchkin Cthulhu Booty Zombies game, they can . . . and they need Munchkin 7 – Cheat With Both Hands!

Cheat With Both Hands is designed for the anythinggoes games where every deck is in play and no combination is too strange. The fans told us they like to play that way – here’s the set to let them do it!

This is a supplement, not a stand-alone game. It is meant to be combined with two or more Munchkin games, with or without other supplements.

Earlier versions of these cards, with a different card back design, were released as Munchkin Blender. This set has standard Munchkin card backs.

Description: 112 cards and rules, in a tuckbox.

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Tell the Players
• More Wandering Monsters. And Monster Mash, and Dogpile . . . pile those monsters on!
• More CHEAT cards! More Super Munchkin! And Ultra Munchkin! And more . . .
• And, of course, more great John Kovalic (Dork Tower) art!

Trade Sales Points
• Cheat With Both Hands is a direct response to fan requests.
• Many of the cards are hilariously overpowered versions of existing cards . . . demo this set, or just show it around, and Munchkin fans will say “I want that!”
• Every new Munchkin supplement pulls more sales for the rest of the line . . . so order more Munchkin to go with this!

Players: 3-6
Ages: 10+
Time: 60+ Min.

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