Never Bring A Knife
Never Bring A Knife

Never Bring A Knife

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Never Bring a Knife™
A social deduction standoff where the action starts when the heist goes wrong

Key Selling Points

A light, quick social deduction game with less talking and more shooting.
Fast-paced action inspired by modern action movies.
A new mechanical approach and a breath of fresh air in the social deduction genre.

What It’s About
It was the critical moment in the heist of a lifetime when you found out the gang was compromised. Now it’s undercover cops and hardened criminals in a desperate shootout…and no one knows who’s who. Find your friends, keep your head down, and don’t tip your hand!

Gameplay Basics

Everyone has a secret role: Cop or Criminal.
Players must be shrewd to identify their allies through card play and social deduction, then work to protect their friends while trying to take down the opposition.
When the first player falls, their whole team loses and the other team wins.

Players: 4-8
Ages: 17+
Time: 20-30 Min.

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