Plague Inc. Armageddon
Plague Inc. Armageddon

Plague Inc. Armageddon

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What is Plague Inc: Armageddon?
Plague Inc: Armageddon is the first major expansion for the critically acclaimed Plague Inc: The Board Game. Infect the world with two radically different disease types, use powerful game-changing genes, deal with Brexit Britain, add an extra player and a whole lot more.

With over 120 million players , Plague Inc. is the ultimate strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction. Armageddon takes Plague Inc: The Board Game to the next level, supporting new play styles and expanding strategic choices.

Get ready to laugh as global vaccination rates drop, cry as your friend evolves a particularly lethal strain of athlete's foot and cheer as your Bioweapon devastates entire continents in a single turn!

Key points:

2 game-changing new disease types to play as: Bioweapon and Fungus
New ‘Genes’ gameplay mechanic, adding huge degree of replayability
Based on the best selling video game with over 120 million players
Successfully funded on Kickstarter (by 1100%!)
The first major expansion for Plague Inc: The Board Game, which has sold over 35k copies (and counting!)

6 Double-sided Evolution Slides
24 Dominant and Recessive Genes (double-sided)
16 Plague Tokens
1 DNA Marker
6 Tomorrow's World Country Cards
12 Event Cards
13 Trait Cards
1 End Game Bonus Card
1 Rule Book
6 Super DNA Counters

Players: 1-5
Ages: 12+
Time: 45-75 Min.

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