Playin' Possum
Playin' Possum

Playin' Possum

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For raccoons, garbage cans are the purest paradise.! But the competition is tight and sharing is not allowed! Who is the smartest and can get hold of three "delicacies" - or simply will not get caught until the end?

How to play:

Players embody raccoons and first try to steal three garbage cards.
Each player gets a set of the same three cards: "Garbage", "That's it!", and "Waterproof alibi".
At the beginning of each round, each player chooses one of these cards and places it face down.
After all players have selected and played their card, each player simultaneously point to another player and accuse them of stealing garbage.
All players so pointed out now reveal their cards.
If they have actually played "Garbage", they are eliminated.
But if they have played "Waterproof Alibi", all the players who accused him are eliminated.
Finally, all remaining players reveal their cards and players who now reveal "Garbage" may take a "Garbage" card from the middle.
Whoever steals three "Garbage" cards first or is the last player remaining has won.

Players: 2-10
Ages: 8+
Time: 15 Min.

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