Shit Happens

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Is a 3rd degree sunburn BETTER or WORSE than seeing your father naked? Is it WORSE than dropping your phone in the toilet? Let’s face it –Shit Happens to all of us, right? So we’ve turned it into a game full of shitty situations that you’ll have to rank from bad, to awful, to WTF!  Each player acquires cards by correctly estimating where it lands on our Misery Index. The first player to accumulate 10 cards wins the game.

The Game Includes:

200 SHIT HAPPENS Situation Cards
Explicit Instructions
Game includes 200 hilariously illustrated Shitty Situations.
Misery Index ranges from 1-100, from bad, to awful, to WTF!
Each situation has been evaluated and ranked by our psychiatric team of experts.
Game supports 2+ players, ages 18 and up.

Players: 2+
Ages: 18+
Time: 20+ Min.

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