Sub Terra Collector's Edition

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In this definitive collectors edition, you can explore the horrifying extent of the Sub Terra world, with the core Sub Terra game as well as all three modular expansions, introducing 3 new caver characters, new horrors, items and new game modes. Also included is the Sub Terra Graphic Novel, illustrated by David Thor Fjalarsson and the Sub Terra Development Diaries, with development notes from the entire Sub Terra team on how they brought the huge project together.

The Sub Terra Collector's Edition is a complete collection of Sub Terra and it's expansions.

The Collectors Edition contains the core game, all three expansions, a unique UV key-chain flashlight to add to the atmosphere, a Sub Terra Graphic Novel, the exclusive Development Diaries charting the story of the production of the game, and a Sub Terra dice bag.

The three expansions included are:
Sub Terra Annihilation Expansion
Sub Terra Investigation Expansion
Sub Terra Extraction Expansion

Players: -1-6
Ages: 10+
Time: 60 Min

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