Sylvion Oniverse Collection
Sylvion Oniverse Collection

Sylvion Oniverse Collection

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Protect the grand forest of the Oniverse from the terrifying Ravage and its Fire Elementals.

Defend the Forest
The mad fire entity known as the Ravage has raised an unstoppable army of fire Elementals that is scorching everything in its path. The trail of ash it leaves behind points to its destination: the heart of Sylvion. As the guardian of the forest, you must stop this incendiary threat. Sylvion is a solo/cooperative game in which you must keep the forest verdant by preventing the Ravage from inflicting too much damage. Prepare your Defender deck by selecting Sylvan cards that help you withstand these evil forces. Call the forest’s inhabitants to your aid as the Ravage makes its way through the woods. Take advantage of the timely intervention of the hedgehog and owl, or keep the forest lush with Tree cards. Most importantly, summon Fountains to form aquatic ramparts to extinguish the fearsome fire elements. To succeed, you will need to use your Sylvan cards efficiently, unravel the Ravage’s scheme, and counter its fiery rampage.

Expand Your Game
Sylvion is a unique take on tower-defense games. Waves of fire elementals make their way across the board, threatening the precious Edge cards on the other side. Players counter these threats by spending cards with a range of effects, from destroying fire elementals to being able to draw new cards. You decide which cards to spend and which to use. Players learn the various game concepts over the course of several games. Once you’ve mastered the base game, you can tackle the two expansions also included in Sylvion. Each expansion provides more cards and game dynamics. Reshape the battlefield with Extraordinary Feats, but beware of the Elements that enhance the powers of the Ravage. New challenges await with each expansion and each new game. Prepare your defenders and save the forest!

Designer: Shadi Torbey
Contents: Rulebook, 188 Cards, 1 Ravage Pawn

Players: 1-2
Ages: 10+
Time: 30 Min.

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