Tash-Kalar Etherweave Exp #3
Tash-Kalar Etherweave Exp #3

Tash-Kalar Etherweave Exp #3

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Ethereal phantoms weave through the arena, intertwining space and time, bringing visions of things yet yo come. Location and causality are mutable things when you pursue the tactics of: Etherweave!

In the third expansion to Tash-Kalar, you will discover effects that can be used even before you summon the being. But beware! Altering causality has its consequences. Once you have used the being's effect, it strongly desires the be summoned To be a master eatherweaver, it is not enough to see future: You must shape it.


- 18 Etherweave being cards
- 17 double-sided cardboard pieces
- 3 legendary cardboard pieces
- 1 score board
- 1 rules sheet

Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Time: 30 Min.

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