Thirst Quencher Dispenser
Thirst Quencher Dispenser

Thirst Quencher Dispenser

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The Scoop
Quench a thirst for pretend play with this wooden ice and drink dispenser! Kids can order four different kinds of "juices" (orange, apple, fruit punch, or grape) on a reusable menu card. Load the durable plastic ice cubes and drink insert into the dispenser, turn the dial and press the lever, and voilà! "Chilled drinks" drop into the cups! Kids three and older will love playing restaurant, lunch counter, or just creating cool pretend drinks to order.

Wooden pretend play drink dispenser for play kitchens, restaurants, and more
Includes dispenser, 4 juice inserts, 2 ice cubes, 2 cups, and reusable menu card
Press levers and watch ice and juice drop into cups
Encourages imaginative play and helps kids develop fine motor and sequencing skills
3+ years

Ages: 3+ Years

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