VS System Marvel The Omegas
VS System Marvel The Omegas

VS System Marvel The Omegas

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Each Issue comes with 55 playable cards across new or existing team factions!

The most powerful Hero and Villain mutants across the X-Men universe!

Introduces two new teams; the evil Sentinels and the powerful Omegas!

Expand on the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutant teams!

Approximately 3 new Main Characters and 10 new Supporting Characters per Issue!

Customize your new team or enhance your existing decks!

Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponents!

Marvel: The Omegas

The final installment to the Omega Level story arc, simply called the Omegas appropriately includes some of the mightiest mutants, like Jean Grey, Legion and Storm whose Omega-Level powers are among the most dominant in Vs. System® 2PCG®. The level of advantage this issue brings to your deck can only be classified as, Omega.

Players: 2
Ages: 14+
Time: 30+ Min

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