Vast The Haunted Hallways
Vast The Haunted Hallways

Vast The Haunted Hallways

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In Vast, one to five players take on a unique role, with different abilities and goals. Play as the Paladin, the murderous Skeletons, the dreaded Spider, the bewitching Warlock, or the Manor itself.

Paladin – Discover shrines and master new powers in your hunt for the Spider.
Skeleton - Command your squad and pursue the Paladin from the shadows.
Spider - Drink blood and hatch eggs to terrify your foes and escape the manor.
Manor - Complete rituals, place walls and summon poltergeists to seal the intruders inside.
Warlock - Avoid the others and syphon their power. Dominate figures to keep them forever.

Cards, counters, and faction boards featuring hand-drawn illustrations by Kyle Ferrin.
Fifteen hand sculpted miniatures.
A beautiful mounted game board.
A rules reference and robust walkthrough so you can start playing in minutes!

Vast: The Haunted Hallways is an expansion a copy of Vast: The Mysterious Manor is required to play. 

Players: 1-5
Ages: 10+
Time: 60-120 Min.

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