Word Shout Dice game
Word Shout Dice game

Word Shout Dice game

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ROLL THE DICE—The dice have letters on them that when rolled can be used to form words!
SHOUT IT OUT—When the dice are rolled, see what words you can find as quickly as you can!
SPEED READ—Say it quickly and take the dice once the letters are revealed to score points.
COMPACT DESIGN—All the dice store neatly in their container for convenient storage.
TAKE IT WITH YOU—With its container, it’s easy to take Word Shout with you for fun wherever you go!
Roll the letter dice and then race to find and snatch a word!
You've gotta think fast and move fast!
Score points for every word you can make, so be sure to make a lot!

Includes 10 Word Shout Dice, Reusable Plastic Click Case, Rules

Players: 2-4
Ages: 8+
Time: 15 Min

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