Mice & Mystics
Mice & Mystics

Mice & Mystics

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Mice and Mystics is a deeply story driven game. Players play through the chapters of a Mice and Mystics storybook, taking on the roles of mouse adventurers as their story unfolds. This box set is stuffed with everything you need to go on the first adventure with Prince Collin and his allies.

Set Contents:
1 Rule Book
1 Story Book
6 Mice Hero Figures
16 Minion Figures
1 Story Control board
8 2-sided board tiles
27 Card Mice Ability Deck
61 Card Search Deck
10 Card Encounter Deck
6 Large Mouse Hero reference cards
19 Small Initiative Cards
5 Six-sided Action Dice
24 Cheese Tokens
15 Wound Tokens
2 Chapter Markers
2 Mouse Trap Markers
5 Achievement Tokens
4 Party Item Tokens
1 Captain Vurst Marker
4 Elite Rat Markers
1 Brodie's Paw Marker
1 Pipe Entrance Marker
3 Story Achievement Markers
6 Level Up Tokens
4 Stun/Webbed Markers

Ages: 7+
Players: 1-4
Time: 60+ Min.

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